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Type Excessive Heat Watch

Public Severe Weather Alert

Issued By NWS Mount Holly NJ
Issuing Time Sun, 14 Jul 2024 12:03:00 PDT
Broadcast Time Sun, 14 Jul 2024 12:03:00 PDT
Valid Until Mon, 15 Jul 2024 02:00:00 PDT
Brief Description Excessive Heat Watch
Detailed Description * WHAT. For the Heat Advisory, heat index values ranging from 105 to 108 degrees. For the Excessive Heat Watch, dangerously hot conditions with heat index values ranging from 102 to 106 degrees possible. * WHERE. Atlantic, Cumberland, and Salem Counties. * WHEN. For the Heat Advisory, until 6 AM EDT Wednesday. For the Excessive Heat Watch, from Wednesday morning through Wednesday evening. * IMPACTS. Heat related illnesses increase significantly during extreme heat and high humidity events.
All Alerts
Region Alert
New Jersey Severe Thunderstorm Warning (5)
California Severe Thunderstorm Warning (3)
Maryland Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Arizona,Nevada Severe Thunderstorm Warning (2)
Ohio Severe Thunderstorm Warning (3)
Arizona Flash Flood Warning
Pennsylvania Flash Flood Warning (2)
Nevada Flash Flood Warning (2)
Illinois Flood Warning (28)
Wisconsin Flood Warning (13)
Indiana Flood Warning (10)
Iowa Flood Warning (28)
Michigan Flood Warning
Louisiana,Texas Flood Warning (8)
Minnesota Flood Warning
Missouri Flood Warning (6)
Ohio Severe Local Storm Watch or Watch Cancellation (3)
Indiana Severe Local Storm Watch or Watch Cancellation (6)
Lake Erie Special Marine Warning
Coastal New Jersey,Coastal Atlantic (south to NC) Special Marine Warning (5)
New Jersey Public Severe Weather Alert (10)
Delaware Public Severe Weather Alert (4)
Maryland Public Severe Weather Alert (7)
Pennsylvania Public Severe Weather Alert (7)
Connecticut,New York Public Severe Weather Alert (15)
Maine,New Hampshire Public Severe Weather Alert
Texas Public Severe Weather Alert (3)
Oklahoma,Texas Public Severe Weather Alert (7)
North Carolina Public Severe Weather Alert (13)
Arkansas Public Severe Weather Alert (10)
California Public Severe Weather Alert (6)
Arizona,California Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
Kansas Public Severe Weather Alert (9)
Wisconsin Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
Iowa,Nebraska,South Dakota Public Severe Weather Alert (22)
Georgia,South Carolina Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
Idaho,Oregon Public Severe Weather Alert (8)
Colorado,Utah Public Severe Weather Alert (14)
Florida Public Severe Weather Alert (4)
New Mexico Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
Illinois,Missouri Public Severe Weather Alert (9)
Alabama,Florida,Mississippi Public Severe Weather Alert (5)
Wyoming Public Severe Weather Alert (5)
Louisiana,Mississippi Public Severe Weather Alert (6)
Coastal California-Oregon Public Severe Weather Alert
Montana,Wyoming Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
Virginia Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
District of Columbia,Maryland,Virginia Public Severe Weather Alert (2)
Massachusetts Public Severe Weather Alert (3)
Rhode Island Public Severe Weather Alert
Alaska Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
Indiana Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement (3)
Utah Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
Arizona Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
North Carolina Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
California Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
Minnesota Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement (2)
Illinois Coastal Flood Warning, Watch, or Statement
Illinois Flood Statement (2)
Indiana,Michigan Flood Statement (3)
Wisconsin Flood Statement (10)
Alaska Special Weather Statement
Indiana,Kentucky Special Weather Statement (5)
North Carolina Special Weather Statement (2)
Ohio Special Weather Statement (3)
Michigan Special Weather Statement
Mississippi Special Weather Statement
Utah Special Weather Statement
New York Special Weather Statement (2)
California Special Weather Statement (2)
Florida Special Weather Statement
Nevada Special Weather Statement
Maryland Special Weather Statement
Texas Special Weather Statement
District of Columbia,Maryland,Virginia Special Weather Statement
Louisiana,Texas Special Weather Statement
Connecticut Air Stagnation Advisory (3)
New York Air Stagnation Advisory (2)
Maryland Air Stagnation Advisory (2)
Pennsylvania Air Stagnation Advisory
Delaware Air Stagnation Advisory
Arizona Air Stagnation Advisory
Washington Air Stagnation Advisory
Oregon Air Stagnation Advisory (4)
Michigan Air Stagnation Advisory (3)
Georgia Air Stagnation Advisory (2)
New Jersey Air Stagnation Advisory (5)
Colorado Air Stagnation Advisory (2)
Illinois,Missouri Air Stagnation Advisory
North Carolina Air Stagnation Advisory
Arkansas,Mississippi,Tennessee Air Stagnation Advisory
California Non Precipitation Warning, Watch, or Statement (2)
Alaska Non Precipitation Warning, Watch, or Statement
California Red Flag Warning (10)
Nebraska,Wyoming Red Flag Warning (2)
Nevada Red Flag Warning (2)
Idaho Red Flag Warning (12)
Colorado,Utah Red Flag Warning (9)
Washington Red Flag Warning
Oregon Red Flag Warning (4)
Lake Erie Marine Weather Statement
California Marine Weather Statement
New York Marine Weather Statement
Coastal Oregon Marine Weather Statement (2)
Coastal Oregon-California Marine Weather Statement
Coastal California-Oregon Marine Weather Statement (3)
Hawaii Marine Weather Statement
Coastal Washington,Strait of Juan de Fuca - Washington Marine Weather Statement
Chesapeake Bay,Coastal Atlantic (south to NC) Marine Weather Statement
Maine Marine Weather Statement
New Mexico River Statement
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