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Today SEPTEMBER 18TH, 1926-The great "Miami Hurricane" produced winds reaching 138 mph which drove ocean waters into the Biscayne Bay drowning 135 persons. The eye of the hurricane passed over Miami, at which time the barometric pressure reached 27.61 inches. Tides up to twelve feet high accompanied the hurricane, which claimed a total of 372 lives.
SEPTEMBER 18TH, 1989-Hurricane Hugo hit Puerto Rico, producing wind gusts to 92 mph at San Juan, and wind gusts to 120 mph at Roosevelt Roads. Hugo produced a storm surge of four to six feet, and northeastern sections of the island were deluged with more than ten inches of rain. Hugo claimed the lives of a dozen persons in Puerto Rico, and caused a bilion dollars damage, including 100 million dollars damage to crops.
Sep 17 SEPTEMBER 17TH, 1989-Hurricane Hugo hit the Virgin Islands, producing wind gusts to 97 mph at Saint Croix. Hurricane Hugo passed directly over the island of Saint Croix causing complete devastation and essentially cutting off the island from communications. A storm surge of five to seven feet occurred at Saint Croix. The only rain gauge left operating, at Caneel Bay, indicated 9.40 inches in 24 hours. Hurricane Hugo claimed the lives of three persons at Saint Croix, and caused more than 500 million dollars damage. A ship, Nightcap, in the harbor of Culebra, measured wind gusts as high as 170 mph.
SEPTEMBER 17TH, 1963-Heaviest rainfall in 54 years at Yuma, AZ, the result of 2.42 in (61 mm) of precipitation falling within 24 hours, a record that stands until Aug. 1977 when 2.72 in (69 mm) inundates the area.
Sep 16 SEPTEMBER 16TH, 1928-Hurricane San Felipe, a monster hurricane, which left 600 dead in Guadeloupe, and 300 dead in Puerto Rico, struck West Palm Beach FL causing enormous damage, and then headed for Lake Okeechobee. When the storm was over, the lake covered an area the size of the state of Delaware, and beneath its waters were 2000 victims. The only survivors were those who reached large hotels for safety, and a group of fifty people who got onto a raft to take their chances out in the middle of the lake.
SEPTEMBER 16TH, 1984-The remains of Tropical Storm Edourd began to produce torrential rains in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Port Isabel reported more than 21 inches.
Sep 15 SEPTEMBER 15TH, 1982-A snowstorm over Wyoming produced 16.9 inches at Lander to esablish a 24 hour record for September for that location.
SEPTEMBER 15TH, 1752-A great hurricane produced a tide along the South Carolina coast which nearly inundated downtown Charleston. However, just before the tide reached the city, a shift in the wind caused the water level to drop five feet in ten minutes.
Sep 14 SEPTEMBER 14TH, 1944-A very destructive hurricane swept across Cape Hatteras and Chesapeake Bay, side swiped New Jersey and Long Island, and crossed southeastern Massachusetts. The hurricane killed more than four hundred persons, mainly at sea. The hurricane destroyed the Atlantic City NJ boardwalk.
SEPTEMBER 14TH, 1988-Hurricane Gilbert made the first of its two landfalls on Mexico, producing 170 mph winds at Cozumel.
Sep 13 SEPTEMBER 13TH, 1922-The temperature at El Azizia in Libyia soared to 136 degrees to estbalish a world record, which still stands today as the highest recorded temperature.
SEPTEMBER 13TH, 1928-Hurricane San Felipe crossed Puerto Rico resulting in the highest winds, the heaviest rains, and the greatest destruction in years. The hurricane produced much damage in the Virgin Islands, and later hit the Bahamas and Florida.
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