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Today MAY 16TH, 1952-High winds in the Wasatch Canyon of Utah struck Ogden and Brigham City. Winds at Hill Air Force Base gusted to 92 mph.
MAY 16TH, 1874-The Mill Creek disaster occurred west of Northhampton MA. Dam slippage resulted in a flash flood which claimed 143 lives, and caused a million dollars property damage.
May 15 MAY 15TH, 1834-The Northern Atlantic Coast States were in the midst of their greatest May snowstorm of record. The hills around Newbury VT were covered with two to three feet of snow.
MAY 15TH, 1972-The worst ice jam flooding of memory for long-time residents took place along the Kuskokwim River and Yukon River in Alaska. It was the first time since 1890 that the two rivers "flowed as one". The towns of Oscarville and Napaskiak were completely inundated.
May 14 MAY 14TH, 1896-The mercury plunged to 10 degrees below zero at Climax CO. It was the lowest reading of record for the U.S. during the month of May.
MAY 14TH, 1898-A severe thunderstorm, with some hailstones up to 9.5 inches in circumference, pounded a four mile wide path across Kansas City MO. South-facing windows were broken in nearly every house in central and eastern parts of the city, and several persons were injured. An even larger hailstone was thought to have been found, but it turned out to be a chunk of ice tossed out the window of a building by a prankster.
May 13 MAY 13TH, 1930-A man was killed when caught in an open field during a hailstorm northwest of Lubbock TX.
MAY 13TH, 1981-A tornado 450 yards in width destroyed ninety percent of Emberson TX. People did not see a tornado, but rather a wall of debris. Homes were leveled, a man in a bathtub was hurled a quarter of a mile, and a 1500 pound recreational vehicle was hurled 500 yards. Miraculously no deaths occurred in the tornado.
May 12 MAY 12TH, 1972-In Texas, A cloudburst dumped sixteen inches of rain north of New Braunfels sending a thirty foot wall of water down Blueders Creek into the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers washing away people, houses and automobiles. The flood claimed 18 lives and caused more than twenty million dollars damage.
MAY 12TH, 1934-A dust storm darkened skies from Oklahoma to the Atlantic coast.
May 11 MAY 11TH, 1953-A tornado hit Waco TX killing 114 persons and burying some downtown streets under five feet of fallen bricks.
MAY 11TH, 1966-The 1.6 inch snow at Chicago IL was their latest measurable snow of record. Previously the record was 3.7 inches on the 1st and 2nd of May set in 1940.
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